The Pullman Recluse

Plot Type: General, Masonic

The Pullman Recluse is a Masonic plot written by Freemasons for Freemasons and is ideal for any Ladies’ Night or fundraising event. Follow the fortunes of Doctor Andreas Dietler, the Master of his Lodge and wealthy mining magnate from South Africa, who has become a recluse on his specially built Pullman train. He is in fear of his life and sends a coded message asking Holmes for help, but upon his arrival Holmes finds that Inspector Lestrade is already on the case investigating the murder of Doctor Dietler’s secretary, Colonel Holman Stevens (also a high ranking Freemason).

Could this be a case of mistaken identity? What was the real reason for Doctor Dietler summoning his brother Franck to the train that morning? What secrets are to be found within the windowless carriage in which Doctor Dietler spends so much time? Why was the Pullman Steward recently dismissed and replaced by yet another Freemason? And what of the beautiful Maria Zinden, the famous contralto, and beautiful wife of Doctor Dietler – is she as innocent as she seems? Finally what is the true meaning of that coded message sent to Holmes? Find out the answers to all these questions and more in theMasonic adventure.

The Cast

Doctor Andreas Dietler: Mining magnate from South Africa, now a recluse on his own private train. A Freemason of high rank. Is somebody trying to kill him?

Franck Dietler: Wealthy in his own right, but maybe jealous of his brother’s success and certainly envious of his beautiful wife?

Sherlock Holmes: The famous consulting detective.

Inspector Lestrade: This Scotland Yarder is methodical and like a dog with a bone. Unfortunately he is often erroneous in his deductions. Could the fact that he is a Freemason be the reason for his being assigned to this case?

Pullman Steward: Only his first day in Andreas Dietler’s service, and like his master from South Africa and also a Freemason. Could he be a hired assassin who killed the wrong person?

Federick Von Heissen: Long standing business associate of Andreas Dietler. Summoned to the Dietler’s train to be dismissed. He is a Freemason of high rank. Does he have something to hide?

Colonel Holman Stevens: The late secretary to Andreas Dietler. An ex-army officer and Freemason. Could his death be a case of mistaken identity?

Doctor Watson:  Faithful friend to Sherlock Holmes, often with good instincts, but often erroneous in his deductions.

Maria Zinden: Acclaimed pianist and wife of Andreas Dietler. Owner of the famous Limpopo Diamond. Could theft be the real motive?