The Pullman Papers

Plot Type: General, Train

Doctor Dietler, the famous theorist, has just been found dead in his compartment onboard a Pullman train. He was travelling in the company of his nurse (Maria Zinden), son (Franck) and secretary (Federick Von Heissen), en route for London where he was to meet the Director of the Royal Institution. Doctor Dietler had with him a folder containing evidence, which proves, so he claims, what has become know to scientists throughout the world as the Grand Challenge. This is the concept that all the forces in nature are unified, and if proven would provide unlimited power from atoms themselves. Naturally this information would be very valuable to any number of persons, and it is feared that an attempt has been made to steal these papers, which are now missing. In the most complex case yet will Sherlock Holmes be able to recover the missing papers?

The Cast

Doctor Dietler: Eminent scientist travelling by train with his new discovery which would of great value to any foreign power.

Franck: A good scientist in his own right, but always over shadowed by his father. Does he have a motive for murder?

Sherlock Holmes: The famous consulting detective.

Inspector Lestrade: This Scotland Yarder is methodical and like a dog with a bone. Unfortunately he is often erroneous in his deductions.

Pullman Steward: A loyal servant of the company or is he something else?

Federick Von Heissen: Says he is a bodyguard and trusted secretary, but his story does not ring true.

Doctor Watson: Solid and dependable but always one step behind Sherlock Holmes.

Maria Zinden: Nurse to Doctor Dietler, but all is not as it seems.