The Homecoming

Plot Type: General, Halloween, Hen Night, Country House

It is a day for celebration as today William Oakington returns to Oakington Hall after some four years away from home. The dinner in his honour is ruined when textiles entrepreneur Oscar Oakington, the head of the family, loses his temper over what appears to be a trivial matter. Later a stabbed body is found upstairs, but who committed the murder and why? All those present seem to have an alibi at the time of death, but also a motive for murder. Even Doctor Watson comes under suspicion in this family based country house whodunit that will test Sherlock Holmes to the limit.

The Cast

Edith Boxwell: House keeper to Oscar Oakington, and a village gossip. What did she know that might be a motive for murder?

Marie Evry: French mistress of Oscar Oakington. Has ambitious plans for his wealth when she moves into Oakington Hall.

Sherlock Holmes: The famous consulting detective.

Julia Oakington: Ex-wife of Oscar now living apart. No police record, but has a motive for wanting to see harm come to Oscar and his new lover.

Oscar Oakington: Owner of Oakington Hall and head of the family. It seems that nobody likes this ruthless business man with a vile temper.

Rebecca Oakington: Daughter of Oscar who lives with him at Oakington Hall. A wild ‘tom-boy’ character about to be engaged, but why has she been so depressed recently?

Sebastian Oakington: Oscar’s elder brother and boring business partner. Has he found out something about the family business which gives him a motive for murder?

William Oakington: Son of Oscar. Is he innocent? Has he revenge in mind?

Peter Stukely: Lover of Rebecca Oakington but seen as being unsuitable for her since he is only the village handyman and without status or money.

Doctor Watson: Solid and dependable but always one step behind Sherlock Holmes.