The Pullman Theft

Plot Type: General, Train

Colonel Holman Stevens, the railway magnate, has called upon the services of Sherlock Holmes to investigate the ongoing thefts from his Pullman trains, which are believed to be the work of a ruthless gang. Meanwhile the mysterious Captain Basil, a famous explorer, is on board a Pullman train returning to England with a valuable haul of gold coins, which he is to present to the British Museum. A murder follows but the body appears to be that of an innocent passenger, one Doctor Dietler. Who is Captain Basil? Why was a murder committed? What is the motive for the subsequent blackmail aboard the train? Join Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson as they unravel no less than three crimes in this complex case.

The Cast

Doctor Dietler: Seems to be a lone passenger with no past history onboard a train where theft and murder will soon take place.

Franck: Knows that his mother is in trouble, but how far will he go to help her?

Sherlock Holmes: The famous consulting detective.

Inspector Lestrade: This Scotland Yarder is methodical and like a dog with a bone. Unfortunately he is often erroneous in his deductions.

Pullman Steward: A hero of the railway who nearly caught the thief on a previous occasion. Is he really such a loyal servant?

Federick Von Heissen: Apparently has nothing to do with the theft but is suspected by Holmes of being pivotal in the crime.

Colonel Holman Stevens: His railway is short of money. Could this be a motive for theft?

Doctor Watson: Solid and dependable but always one step behind Sherlock Holmes.

Maria Zinden: She knew of the gold coins and is in need of money herself as she flees her country of Urania.