The Pullman Mystery

Plot Type: General, Train, Children

The dramatic death of Doctor Dietler has just taken place in the restaurant car of a Pullman train. Very little is known about the dead man except that he was from Urania, a small country near Budapest, which has been in political turmoil since the assassination of King Ludwig a few months ago. Dietler was travelling with what appears to be his wife, Maria Zinden, and son, Franck. Also present is Federick von Heissen, who claims to be their bodyguard. Why was Maria Zinden fleeing to England with Doctor Dietler? Where are the crown jewels of Urania? Who poisoned the good doctor during dinner on the Pullman train? All these questions will be answered by Sherlock Holmes who also happens to be onboard the train.

The Cast

Doctor Dietler: Fleeing Urania with Maria Zinden but why?

Franck: Not as humble as he appears since it is soon revealed that he has a royal heritage.

Sherlock Holmes: The famous consulting detective.

Inspector Lestrade: This Scotland Yarder is methodical and like a dog with a bone. Unfortunately he is often erroneous in his deductions.

Pullman Steward: A loyal servant of the company?

Federick Von Heissen: Says he is a bodyguard, but his story does not ring true.

Doctor Watson: Solid and dependable but always one step behind Sherlock Holmes.

Maria Zinden: Is she as faithful as she first appears? Why is she so protective of Franck?