Gerda Mamott

Dr Gerda Mamott started her thespian career at a very early age, when, at 4 years-old, she appeared in nativity and fairy tale plays at Christmas. Because she had learnt all the parts by heart, she thought she would be ‘helping’ by audibly prompting her fellow actors when they were lost for words. When she was supposed to be off stage she’d just run on from the wings, do her prompting, and disappear again. 

Not much has changed – she has continued to try to hug the limelight ever since, acting in and producing plays both in her native Austria and in Britain. Yes – her accent is genuine, if somewhat overemphasised.

She has also appeared on television – getting the better of Ann Robinson by winning ‘The Weakest Link’, even though her fellow contestants thought that as a ‘foreigner’ she would not be able to cope with the English language and the British questions. How wrong they were! She also did rather well in the 2016/17 series of Mastermind getting through to the quarterfinals and scoring a very respectable 21 points with 10 of those being on her specialist subject the Nobel prize winning scientist, Ernest Rutherford.

Gerda has been a part of the Irregular Special Players for some time. When she is not acting she teaches IT, sings, and is learning how to throw pots (in the ceramic sense).