Steve Norris

I was licensed as a Reader to the benefice of Haverhill with Withersfield in May 2022. I serve as the Evangelism Co-ordinator for the Diocese of Chelmsford, and am a commissioned Spiritual Companion (sometimes called a ‘spiritual director’) in that diocese. I am also a Licensed Lay Minister in Chelmsford, which allows me to serve in my specialism of adult education. Being a Reader will allow me to serve in this benefice and also to teach on faith matters in Suffolk.

Before becoming a Christian and a minister, I did a Humanities degree at (what is now) the London Metropolitan University. After encountering Jesus (and Wendy!), my passion grew for environmental matters, and I did a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies at UEA, and have tried to live more gently on the Earth. Before moving to North Essex, I ran a homeless persons department in a busy Central London borough. My interests are scriptural study and biblical archaeology, and football. My passion is for life-long learning. My heart is for evangelism: preaching and teaching the words of new life in the resurrected Christ in a safe and welcoming environment for all.