Jeannie Whiting

I made my acting debut as an urchin in my school production of Oliver in 1976 and then ‘rested’ until 2003 when I got the bug and took part in the local church pantomime Aladdin.

After rave reviews and a large fan club following (of two), I realised that this was my vocation. I finally gave way to the constant pleas, and the offers of considerable financial reward and joined the ranks of the elite, or to put it another way, I joined the Irregular Special Players and started acting in murder mysteries.

In my spare time I play the violin and have performed regularly at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon. I have also played in bands (alongside my very talented daughter – a trombonist prodigy) in Return to the Forbidden PlanetCafe Gertrude and Bugsy Malone.

Since 21st February 2024 Jeannie is resting as an actress, but still available for private groups in heaven where she also plays and sings in the choir.